Why JSSI is Right for You



JSSI is the only provider that offers coverage for virtually every make and model of business aircraft, engine and APU. This means you receive a customized solution for your entire fleet and a single point of contact for all of your maintenance needs. The flexibility of the JSSI programs, coupled with our powerful buying power, give you far more financial options and benefits than any other maintenance program can offer.


JSSI is the only independent provider of hourly cost maintenance programs for virtually all makes and model of business aircraft. This is our core business and JSSI answers only to you. Independence empowers us to act as your advocate during a maintenance event. JSSI will monitor all service and repairs to assure they meet your standards and ours.


Our team of Technical Advisors consists of industry veterans with experience in a wide cross section of operations and aircraft types. Some have experience managing OEM service facilities, while others have experience managing aviation maintenance departments for Fortune 100 companies. On average, JSSI Technical Advisors have 20 years of industry experience. Though each client has unique demands, the JSSI Technical Services Team understands the challenges you face and strives to help you with every aspect of your maintenance operation.


JSSI is proud of our uniquely sound and secure financial structure. We hold maintenance reserves in an Irrevocable Trust, which is governed by a Trust Agreement that provides for the management of the Trust Funds. The funds are protected through a proprietary insurance coverage plan exclusively designed for the benefit of JSSI and its clients.


The flexibility of the JSSI programs, coupled with our powerful buying power, give you far more financial options and benefits than any other maintenance program can offer. With JSSI you will receive all the benefits of our experienced Technical Services Team, you will have the flexibility to use the Service Center you prefer and you will be reimbursed for covered in-house labor. Only JSSI provides this level of flexibility and service.


Only JSSI lets you transfer your maintenance reserves to almost anything that flies. Only one hourly maintenance program gives you the advantage of transferring your reserves to virtually any aircraft, regardless of make or model.


Why an Hourly Cost Maintenance Program is Right for You

24/7 Global Support

JSSI is there when you need us. The global team of Technical Service advisors is on call 24/7, and their hands-on experience and knowledge of aircraft maintenance provides you with the highest level of service and support that only JSSI can offer.

Enhanced Aircraft Residual Value 

The business aviation marketplace has long recognized the value and benefits of JSSI. When you have JSSI covering your aircraft, you are enhancing the value of your asset. These are not only our views, but the views of reputable industry resources, such as The Aircraft BlueBook and V-Ref

Reduced Maintenance Costs

When you enroll with JSSI you become part of a fleet of thousands and network of maintenance facilities around the world.   We pass on our savings and discounted rates to you, our client.

Budget Stability

You control your maintenance, and JSSI stabilizes your costs.  Many operators have relationships with certain maintenance facilities.  JSSI is the only company that gives its clients the option to direct maintenance to any facility of their choice, as long as the facility is approved by the OEM and governing aviation authority for the work being performed.