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JSSI Advisory Services

Discover a complete range of aircraft consulting services. From ASA-accredited desktop appraisals and technical advice to maintenance event management and aircraft inspections.

As an independent company with a global footprint, JSSI Advisory Services is uniquely positioned to provide clients with consistent, professional, and cost-effective solutions for virtually all makes and models of business aircraft.


Professional, responsive, and flexible to meet your needs


30+ years of aviation maintenance data at our fingertips


70+ technical experts worldwide


JSSI manages over 8,000 maintenance events per year


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Asset Inspection Service

Let us act as an extension of your asset management department by quickly and reliably inspecting any aircraft. JSSI Technical Advisors hold A&P, AMT or AME licenses and inspect all makes and models of business aircraft on a regular basis as part of the enrollment process for JSSI hourly cost maintenance programs.

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Aircraft Appraisal Service

Our appraisers all carry the highest accreditation from the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). We bring decades of technical experience and maintenance data to every on-site and desktop appraisal to ensure an accurate valuation for your aircraft.

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Maintenance Cost Planning

Whether you are a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO), management company, or flight department, maintenance costs are a high priority in any operation. Management may be seeking an explanation about certain costs, or trying to pull information together to complete the budget. JSSI is a reliable source, with more than 30 years of actual maintenance cost data. Let us be your resource to help plan and budget for your operations.

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Maintenance Event Management

Each year, JSSI monitors approximately 8,000 scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events. These include hundreds of engine overhauls and major airframe inspections worldwide. Tap into the buying power and expertise of the single largest purchaser of business aviation maintenance.

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Asset Monitoring Platform

JSSI’s Asset Monitoring Platform (AMP) is available to aviation lenders as a tool to assist in the mitigation of risk and the management of financed aircraft. AMP offers lenders valuable insight into the financial risk exposure of their assets throughout the term of the loan.

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