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Maintenance Event Management

Each year, JSSI monitors approximately 8,000 scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events. These include hundreds of engine overhauls and major airframe inspections worldwide.

As one of the largest purchasers of maintenance services, JSSI offers unrivalled independence and significant time and cost savings for clients. With the JSSI technical team managing a maintenance event, clients benefit from unbiased advice on all available options and receive personal attention from start to finish to ensure the very best outcome for all. 


The JSSI Technical Services team is comprised of almost every practice in the industry; including former directors of maintenance, OEM regional customer managers, service facility managers, avionics engineers and engine technicians. JSSI provides clients with access to this global network of independent technicians and equips their maintenance departments with 24/7 global assistance, wherever and whenever it may be needed.

Scheduled and Unscheduled Event Management

At every maintenance event, JSSI Technical Advisors will work closely with maintenance departments to deliver the optimal solution. The strategically located global team means a technical representative can be onsite to assist within hours of getting the call. This results in several key benefits, including:

  • Efficiency. Turnaround times are monitored to put the asset back to work as efficiently as possible.
  • Quality. All quality standards are adhered to and the proper workscope is performed without fail.
  • Accuracy. From review of post-event technical documentation to careful evaluation of labor hours for each task, all processes are analyzed to ensure appropriate actions are taken.

Support and Consultation Services

JSSI offers additional expert support and consultation services during service-level agreements, pricing negotiation and contract adherence scenarios. JSSI provides the following advantages:

  • Maintenance Coordination. JSSI Technical Advisors will assist the maintenance department throughout the entire life cycle of a scheduled event. From timing to organizing a slot at a facility, JSSI will direct work towards the best choice to return the asset to service.
  • Workscope Direction. Evaluation of the current workscope versus future projected maintenance ensures the ideal usage of your aircraft’s downtime.
  • Shop Oversight. During a maintenance event, a JSSI Technical Advisor will oversee the process, including onsite visits, to deliver maximum output for the maintenance spend.
  • Parts Inventory Planning and Assistance. JSSI supports over 325 different makes and models across the world’s largest fleet of aircraft. This unique and diverse insight into how and when parts fail can be leveraged to strategically position materials and assist in the planning and preparation for required parts.
  • Invoice Audit. A complete and thorough invoice audit ensures costs are accurate, balanced and fair.

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